How to lose weight the fast and healthy way

193px-Fruits2                              The best way to lose weight the fast and healthy way is to combine exercise and diet. Eating less fatty food and less calories is important. There is a lot of temptation to eat sugary foods and fatty foods so having a predictable eating plan is a good habit . Reading food labels to make sure you are not taking in too many calories is another good idea. Also avoiding processed foods is important.Drinking more water will help you feel less hungry and you will eat less. Combining these diet habits with exercise is how to lose weight the fast and healthy way. At this web site you will find various articles, tips and some weight loss diet supplement reviews.


Exercise is also important. Joining a gym and lifting weights is a great move towards keeping the pounds off. If you do not like to exercise there are other ways to stay on the move by walking or  avoiding stationary activities such as watching television. Hanging out with active and health conscious friends is helpful. If you are not use to exercising a lot start out slow and gradually build up to more strenuous exercises.  Aerobic or cardiovascular exercises such as running and jumping will burn more calories than lifting weights.

Weight loss tips

It is still all about eating less and moving more but there are some things that make weight loss easier.Some tips you can read about on this website are getting more sleep and looking for the right kind of foods to eat.Citrus is particularly effective in losing weight, especially grapefruit. Ordering wisely at restaurants, such as salad dressing on the side, is a good habit to have.Diversifying workouts will make exercise more fun.  Get rid of anything that has artificial sweeteners and trans fats. As far as meats go the ones that are the most filling are the leaner meats such as turkey, chicken and fish.

Paying attention to how your clothes fit will give you a indication of how you are doing.. As you are dieting and exercising you are also putting on muscles and your body will become leaner. Over time you should start to feel better and live a healthier life. I hope these tips are helpful and wish you much success on your journey toward losing those unwanted pounds and feeling better.

Exercise is important
Exercise is important .


If you are not bothered by statistics there are a few apps that are useful for diet and exercise.  My fitness pal is an app that will keep track of how many calories you take in from a bite of pizza to a spoonful of jam. This makes it easy to keep a food diary and manage weight easier.  Cnn cable news recommends the Hot5 app for short intense 5 minute workouts whenever you want to do it. Everything from abs to yoga is included. Shape magazine reports these type of exercises are very good for weight loss.If you like a little adventure in your aerobic excercise zombies run is a jogging and running app that will make you feel like a winner. It follows a storyline that adds a diifferent angle to your workout.

Keeping the pounds off is another challenge. As we get older the metabolism slows down so it is wise to eat less. Keeping the pounds off after losing them can be difficult but if a person adopts the changes that leads to weight loss it is much easier. You can read about various techniques for weight loss throughout this website. Feel free to leave comments below.


Do you lose weight while you sleep?

Sleep and medical experts Michael Breus Phd,  and Steven Lamm Md, created a study of seven readers of Glamour magazine to see if they would lose weight by getting more sleep.  The participants were required to get seven and half hours of sleep a night and not make any significant changes to their diet and exercise habits to see if sleep and sleep alone would lead to weight loss. In fact the seven women lost 6 to 15 pounds each after 10 weeks. Do you lose weight while you sleep?, yes indeed.

At least two dozen studies have shown people lose more weight if they get the right amount of sleep, about 8 hours of sleep a night. Sanjay Patel, M.D., a researcher at case Western University in Cleveland and his colleagues found that 70,000 women who slept 5 hours or less a night were 30 percent more likely to gain 30 pounds or more than those who got more sleep.  Some experts think that lack of sleep is a reason for the obesity epidemic.Sleep_woman

The influence of Hormones

What is the connection?  Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on hormones that control the appetite, cravings and metabolism. Women who are deprieved of sleep have an increase in ghrelin, or the go hormone because it makes you want to eat more. There is also a drop in leptin, the stop hormone that tells you to stop when you are full. The reaction is that the person wants more junkier high calorie food.  The body craves simple carbohydrates such chocolates, pastries,candy,that break down fast for quick energy.

Sleep more and store less fat

Testers for weight loss during sleep noticed that participants were losing inches of fat off their waist, hip, and thighs or areas that accumulate fat.  They discovered that the explanation for this was during sleep the brain secrets a large amount of growth hormone, which tells the body how to break down fat for fuel says Mr Breus, clinical director of the sleep division at southwest spine and sport in scottsdale Arizona.

Depriving the body of deep sleep when external calories get stored as fat, prevents the secretion of growth hormone that would break down the fat for fuel. So the body stores the fat in the butt, thighs and belly.

Decision making is also involved. People who are tired do not make wise decisions when it comes to the diet. It is similar to being drunk and a persons judgement is impaired. Also a lack of sleep causes the brains reward center to rev up causing you to seek something that feels good and it is more difficult to ward off craving for food that is not good for you.


In conclusion is it wiser to get the proper amount of sleep if you want to lose those extra pounds.  Those who get the right amount of sleep, about 7 to 9 hours, have more energy and snack less during the waking hours.  In the above study some women actually exercised more because they felt like doing it. Mr Breus observes that ” how hard or easy exercise is to do is directly affected by how sleep depraved you are.